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Data- Protection

Personal Data

The protection and the security of your personal data is an important concern to us, which we consider in all our business processes. We operate our activities in the World Wide Web therefore in agreement with the laws of data security.

Personal data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or email- addresses is used and stored only if you communicated us these data on your own wish.

This can be for example in the context of inquiries, orders, notices of loss or any other contact established by yourself.

Besides we need personal data from you, if you want to use certain InterNet-specific services - so far offered - on our InterNet sites. Such services can be e.g. newsletters or forums. In these cases we give references and information about kind and range of the data necessary for the use of these services before you make use of the respective offer.

The personal data communicated by you is risen, processed and used by us exclusively in connection with the procedure, for which´s purpose you communicated the data to us or to keep one of the entitled business interests of our society. We will delete unnecessary data immediately.

We will not sell or market the provided data to third parties in any case without your expressed agreement.

Technical Data

If you access our InterNet site, our Web server automatically notes and evaluates technical access data such as: InterNet Browser and operating system, Domain name of the web page visited before, average period spent and called sides in our InterNet Site.
Some ranges of our InterNet site offer Cookies. These cookies are small data elements, which an InterNet server can send to your computer, in order to identify your local machine when calling the sites and to facilitate support the use of our InterNet site. You can adjust your InterNet Browser to reject the receipt of the Cookies.

During the recording and evaluation of the technical data the individual user remains anonymous. Their use takes place for the improvement of attractiveness and operability of our InterNet site and it´s contents and the recognition of problems of our InterNet site.

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